Welcome to our life change journey

Hi ! Let us introduce oursleves ~ Donna 'mama', Genaveve 4, and Summer-Rain 2, 'Dovein'. This is the story of our lives and where it is taking us now. The 'now' (the change) is what is exciting and limitless in possibilities.
The purpose of this journey and the reasons why it is transpiring, I believe, will be aligned with many other people who may often feel like, just, 'surviving' another day in the chaos of the world rather than 'inspirationally' living it.
Experiment ~ Living in a 3 bedroom rental home @ $380 per week with too much stuff, a back yard without shade and lawns to mow, domestics galore and bills I cannot keep up with, VS; Travelling around 'Australia' in a 'Toyota Hiace Commuter Van', (fitted as a campervan), a wished for, sponsored, 'Camper Trailer' (DONE~ Ok, not sponsored but universally provided at a great price) , and our lives consolidated into several 15 litre containers !
Leave Date: August 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Transparent moments of truth

Something I committed to during this process !

I am sitting here, kind of feeling like I need some kind of support, help, guidelines, communication, anything ~ however, the reality is that most other people are overwhelmingly just as busy, nor have the energy or time to give it when you feel sometimes you really need it most. So..... where does that leave the 'little world' of mine that I am at least in ? Pretty much on my own and assessing my own reality of what it is I truly want !

An interesting realisation for me (the day after writing this) is in light of what I had been 'trying' to practise from the previous post 'less communication' ~ and once again I have to reflect on how unbelievably the universe supports what you put out there ! 

I guess, the reality of my purpose and journey is to make a change that will reflect a different dynamic for both me and my daughters in living in the world of today.

I truly hope from this journey I can connect a sense of what is 'truer' to be 'really' living in this incredilble world of wondersous souls that wish to connect, for the 'higher good' of the planet and 'ourselves'.


  1. I can feel your journey will be truly amazing, I'm looking forward to following this journey with you and your gorgeous girls....

  2. I am following and supporting your journey, love to you all....