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Hi ! Let us introduce oursleves ~ Donna 'mama', Genaveve 4, and Summer-Rain 2, 'Dovein'. This is the story of our lives and where it is taking us now. The 'now' (the change) is what is exciting and limitless in possibilities.
The purpose of this journey and the reasons why it is transpiring, I believe, will be aligned with many other people who may often feel like, just, 'surviving' another day in the chaos of the world rather than 'inspirationally' living it.
Experiment ~ Living in a 3 bedroom rental home @ $380 per week with too much stuff, a back yard without shade and lawns to mow, domestics galore and bills I cannot keep up with, VS; Travelling around 'Australia' in a 'Toyota Hiace Commuter Van', (fitted as a campervan), a wished for, sponsored, 'Camper Trailer' (DONE~ Ok, not sponsored but universally provided at a great price) , and our lives consolidated into several 15 litre containers !
Leave Date: August 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Yesterday was a good day and today I practise something new !

The sudocream day turned out to be a good news day for both Genaveve and myself. Genaveve does not need to have a surgery (tonsils out) I was stressing about ~ yay ! A surgery that I need to have that was on a 12mth waiting list (Cholesteatoma) is being pushed up so it can happen before we go around Australia ~ Thanks to my amazing ENT. So Genaveve and I have swapped surgeries and this for me is a 'good day'. Thank-You angels and the universe.

Today and beyond I have been guided to not be the communicator and the one who keeps in contact with all my friends and family. It will be very interesting to see how long actually goes by before anyone calls as I am the one who usually and naturally just keeps everyone posted, updated and connected to our lives.  I also feel it will be supportive for me to focus on what needs to be done with fewer distractions. It will also be an important process for the trip ahead as the chatting, catching up, pat or cry on the shoulder types of chats will be considerably reduced as we explore, meet new people and change the way we want to live. It is another way of letting go of co-dependency for me.

Will keep you posted on this.

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