Welcome to our life change journey

Hi ! Let us introduce oursleves ~ Donna 'mama', Genaveve 4, and Summer-Rain 2, 'Dovein'. This is the story of our lives and where it is taking us now. The 'now' (the change) is what is exciting and limitless in possibilities.
The purpose of this journey and the reasons why it is transpiring, I believe, will be aligned with many other people who may often feel like, just, 'surviving' another day in the chaos of the world rather than 'inspirationally' living it.
Experiment ~ Living in a 3 bedroom rental home @ $380 per week with too much stuff, a back yard without shade and lawns to mow, domestics galore and bills I cannot keep up with, VS; Travelling around 'Australia' in a 'Toyota Hiace Commuter Van', (fitted as a campervan), a wished for, sponsored, 'Camper Trailer' (DONE~ Ok, not sponsored but universally provided at a great price) , and our lives consolidated into several 15 litre containers !
Leave Date: August 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Complete trust with focused intent = limitless possibilities and freedom !

Here I sit on the eve of the 9th of September 2010 completely behind in photos and the mechanical details of how I got here but will soon have the space to truly reflect and document soon (still some serious sorting to do - piles of stuff in brothers carport that is completely unrealistic to be travelinig with, am in the final stages of detachment and culling to achieve a more advanced sense of freedom)

However...... I am here free of most the stuff, the bills, the house and the usual daily expectations and routines. We officially moved out on the 6th and have since been in limbo as to the reality of where this journey can take us. The synchronicities that occurred on particular dates and days had me in a complete state of trusting and continued manifestations. So on that I have been gifted my super and on my way to final repairs and 'jobs' that need doing on both van and camper trailer with the skillful support and hosting of my dear brother Aaron.

Thank-you universe, mother earth, loving and positively supportive family and friends for getting me here - I am in love with the magic of belief and manifestion and know I am following a purpose in each and every present moment 'already' lols ! It's only been 3 days - and truly inspiring as to what is possible in such short periods of time ........

Friday, August 20, 2010

Climbing the rigging to get the mast Up ready for the high winds !

So so so cannot believe the true position we are in - ok - 'reality' !

I am sitting in my house after the 2nd day of my 'final' 3 day garage sale and having sold my washing machine, microwave and other items I felt a pull in detaching from I am now stressing that I still have soooooo much stuff and only 10 days to consolidate and 'be out of here' ! YES, I have given my 3 weeks notice and am truly about to embark on either complete freedom or a completely disastrous far more chaotic existence !

There is a ton of sorting, cleaning, repairing, moving larger items, tip visits, picking up camper trailer (whole day process)  and paperwork that I seriously have no idea 'how' this is all going to be possible. I still do not know where I will be storing our personals and not sure if I will even be able to sell everything else in time ~ if not I guess I am truly meant to detach and give away whatever cannot be stored or sold.

Am praying and manifesting for the universe to allow me an early release on my superannuation to help my journey and make heading off relaxed and supported.

I am really starting to look at how I have been living, the daily routines, what changes and what doesnt and will be documenting this lifestyle as soon as I can so that a true comparison can take place.

Exit Date: 31st August ~ we will head to the local brunswick heads caravan park for a 2-4 weeks before tuning into guidane as to where to go next and am super excited to see if our set-up can truly work on the longer term basis of travelling for 1-2 years.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Really Dematerialing !

Wow ~ the universe truly does rock and roll with you when you live a commitment. I am down to only needing to sell the white goods and a few bits and pieces that I am happy to donate. I need to manifest  storage space for our personal plastic containers and a few small pieces of furniture ~ yay ! Selling a 'big' chunk of my stuff to my brother and sister and their combined 11 children at a great price for them feels amazing to help them out and know all my nieces and nephews will have a lovely 'huge' comfy lounge to sit on, new drawers, big T.V etc,  upgrading their material lives whilst we dematerialise almost completely !

I am looking so forward to comparitively living this 2nd life style and documenting changes, challenges, creative commitments, promised play and what the truth of freedom really feels like. I am looking for the journey that will contribute to me being the best parent I can be for all the right reasons and reviewng why I felt I could not be entangled in the materialistic, scheduled normal home rental home environment we all mosty live in.

Stay tuned for our current lists of living and how these will compare to living as we travel and connect with others on the road:

What items we use the most
What foods we eat
How the girls imaginitively play
What toys the play with
Who our people connections are
How I play/interact with the girls
How I develop/nurture myself
What creative outlets I have
How much energy is spent on cleaning
Costs of living
What creates my stress
The qulaity of our time spent together
What stresses the girls out most
etc etc etc

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting Closer

The perfect 'Camper Trailer' manifested ~ a 'Trek Kudu' with a lockable lid, tailgate kitchen, water tank, pull out canvas tent and dolphins swimming on each side ! Multiple projects currently underway like tributaries making their way towards each other with gathering speed to connect and flow down the main river in unison and harmony.  The making of the awning for the van, the mini roof rack for the camper trailer, the paintwork for the van, the materials for the building of creative storage solutions (Thanking my brother 'Aaron' for his skill here)  the decision to detach from the majority of our belongings and the true confrontations of 'why' I am doing this !

So much personal stuff I am still working through and have no idea if I am suppose to be working through it all now, part of it now or if it is apart of the journeys purpose ? Can only keep reminding myself that being present to each moment will ensure all the answers I need.

I am looking very forward to creating a running record of 'how' we are currently living ~ what upsets me, stresses me and takes me away from being present, what upsets the girls, what makes them happy, how do they use their imagination and what toys do they play with the most.

Feeling very strongly about leaving in August sometime still.

So, here is the 'love dove' van and the 'dolphin rider' trailer ~ we look foward to meeting and connecting with many people on our journey and I look forward to writing my books, articles, my travel website and the development of this blog.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cannot go to bed without sharing

I am so sorry blog for neglecting you of late, please forgive me X Truly though, once you start a blog you do feel a commitment and the guilt that goes with neglect and also the highs of staying tuned in and keeping up to date ~ kind of like keeping your mother, spouse or children in the loop of your life.

So a teeny update of the last few weeks ~ the surgery was hard for me to digest and work on my self healing abilities as I have not been on top of my own personal game in the last few months of my life. However, I have healed well and have been creating shifts of change without even knowing it. Tonight has been my biggest shift after watching the dvd 'Maos Last Dancer'. I feel I have been renewed and rewired in my thoughts, self commitments and my own personal drive and purpose. So much of what I have been holding onto and using so easily as excuses for the 'why' I have not been on top of my game has just slipped off me leaving me naked and excited to 'be' who 'I' want to be, so my instincts are telling me to prep for a bit of a ride as the universe speeds up it's connections to what is meant to be !

I have been guided that our journey will now begin in the first week of August, after Genaveve's 5th birthday part, which is on the 1st August, ofcourse the self planning of her big party does kind of help the guidance process !  I trust and feel that everything will be falling into place for that week.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Surgical Insights !

Wow ! I had 'no idea' what kind of surgery I was up for ~ 3hrs on an inner ear, cut from the outer ear ~ 'ouch' and even more 'ouee' (as Summer describes pain) as I recover  ! Today is Sunday ~ day 3 after surgery and still as sore as it is, has been an incredibly enlightening and life changing process. The lack of compassion I received from some of the nursing staff, my drugged out visions and the pain experienced have opened my eyes to connecting with the power we truly have over what we do to our bodies as our vehicles to life, and a depth in my own compassion that I have never seen before.

I feel blessed to be alive, the mother to my magnificent girls and who I am to everyone I know. I am overwhelmed with joy at the possibilities life holds and know that on every down there is always an up, an awesome insight, lesson or strength to be gained.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today is the delay clearing the way !

Today is my ear surgery ~ another big step forward in clearing away so much of the 'old' ~ something that has had some kind of impact for most of my life ~ so, here's to clearing away and truly moving forward towards the life change journey of a lifetime !

Saw a great dvd last night as an incredible reminder of how we have truly been brain washed in our food and drug consumptions ~ 'Food Matters' trailer: Food Matters.  It really is just a matter of taking responsibility ~ I know this dvd has kicked my butt ~ at least 51% for me and my girls as often as possible now ~ worth comitting to and havng the power yourself to change for you !

As of yesterday have a camper trailer company that may be interested in supporting my journey with a possible deal ~ so here's to the universe supporting us and creatng a win win relatonship for all ! Asking for all to be divinely provided effortlessly ~ Thank-You universe X

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Whenever we are moving forward we are always moving back !

It can take 3 steps forward and often 2 steps back ~ but at least if we focus on the 1 step we have moved we can continue the movement forward and relish in the times when we step on the travelator of life.

We are still selling as much as we can and sorting through everything we own, so eventhough we are behind our schedule by amount a month now, divine timing and how the universe supports and provides is a part of our everyday plan.

Thinking about the very 'cold' nights in Alice Springs as our first destination in June is hard to wrap my head around but am praying for a great camper trailer tent to set us off on our journey in the perfect environment for us all. Praying for the perfect sponsor to support us in creating our 'new home'.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The material technics ?

What is it with me and technics recently ~ a washing machine, 2 computers and both of my cameras all out of action along with my mobile phones disappearance I am trying to work out the universal messages here ?

I am slowly gathering all materials back at ofcourse a cost that has not been budgetted for in anyway .... so financial priorities and projects have been rearranged but I am still practising the grace of letting go and trusting !

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sitting in the Garage for 2nd Sale

Here I am sitting in our Garage which is still very full (looking fuller than the house now~ yay !) with way too much stuff and very little traffic to move anything out ! COME ON PEOPLE !

My plan is to write an article in the local paper for next week outlining our journey and advertising our 'Mega May Garage Sale' opening the doors every week until everything is sold or donated, which also works in perfectly with my surgery date.

Intention is to have everything packed, stored, sold and organized for a donation pick-up by the 27th May. All that will be left will be a few items to store last minute and everything we are taking around Australia.

I need to manifest a camper trailer tent as the commuter van alone is not big enough, I proposed a sponsorship to an awesome local company but unfortunately they cannot help ~ Manifesting the perfect outcome for all.

Dates are moving

Ok ! Surgery date set for 27th May so I am estimating an end of June leave date which could be a little chilly (at night) and crowded for the 'Red Rock', however I am only a month behind original dates so should all still be in perfect and divine order. I am pretty sure we are going to head direct to the Center of Oz still ?

Monday, April 19, 2010

'Master Cleanse' 3rd time

October last year I began the 'Stan Burrows, Master Cleanse' for the 2nd time ~ the 1st time I achieved the 10 days and then ate crap almost straight after ~ a craving for 'in and out' hot chips ! This time I was amazed at how I felt at 10days and did not want to stop. I ended up doing 23 days and only stopped because of a 25yr high school re-union. I lost 10kgs and was feeling amazing.

I tried to do the cleanse earlier this month due to weight gain and to release unwanted posions from my body, however the energies and support were not right ~ last night I was given a sign that the energy is now ok for me to cleanse and release all that is necessary from within my body as I release all that is necessary from outside of my body and life.

So here I am at Day 1 and 65kgs ! I have put on 5kgs since January and hope to release unwanted excess weight as an added bonus to the normal amazing results and effects you get from this cleanse. I have no time line for this time except to do the 10 day minimum.

Will keep you posted X

Mega Garage Sale

OK ~ My border finally moved out on the 9th so I decided to advertise for my garage sale to be the following week ont he 16th ~ What was I thinking ? that I could go through my entire life in a matter of days ! well I kind of did ~ eventhough I had not not gone through everything I had certainly done a good job of it.

Friday was such a success due to the farmers market that has just started in our community almost across the road, that by saturday afternoon I had decided that I was going to open my garage doors every Fri and Sat for the next 4 weeks to continue selling, giving away and adding to as I thoroughly deep clean my life wth space and time, along with other friends and family bringing items to sell and clear from their lives.

My home today is feeling spacious, reduced and more organised ~ something I have not felt in many years !  Whilst I still have alot to sort through I am far more than half way there ! YAY !

Technical Signs of ?

Ok ! How do I view ~ 2 computers, both my cameras, my washing machine AND my back-up hard drive all down and out of action ? I am still working this one through big time !

On my way to see if I can repair cameras today as it is extremely difficult with the girls and my blog to not have a camera !

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Losing Lovey

It has been pretty wild and intense lately ! I have had all my 7 nieces and nephews staying over easter getting a feel for whether or not moving in here may work. Unfortunately during this time my 2 yr old nephew got hold of some insect repellent and decided to pour this over our scaly breasted lorikeet 'Lovey'. I washed, nurtured, prayed and worked with Lovey over the next few days and he seemed to be perking up and healing ~ we were so excited and comitted to 'Lovey' being on our journey that when he died (13/4) after 4 days of the incident, we were devasted and not prepared.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

6 week challenge update

OK ~ let's check in on the challenge !

'The border' has only just moved out yesterday ~ what an incredible feeling this has given me ~ assessing this feeling of freedom can only have me once again trusting in the universal divine flow of events as it was such a struggle having him here and getting him to leave.

My sister ( a single mama also, however of 7 !) is most likely moving into my home and is inspired to begin a blog of her own, kind of paralleling mine ~ it would certainly be an interesting read for many !

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Soul Aligned Business Collaborative

I am currently doing the above course with a lady called Elyse Hope Killoran via live tele conferencing. It is such an incredible reminder and a powerful connector of the individual to their higher self and the souls' life purpose that it can only achieve results of positivity, productivity, sustainability and energised flow in ones life and business.

I thank the universal timing of this course for me in my life at this time and am truly grateful for the benefits this is creating in the gaining of my own personal strength, confidence and trust in myself to be able to create my own success and financial independent flow for me and my girls.

"So it is"

Practising the 'ARTS' theory !

At the end of a day that began as fairly productive and motivating, I was left reflecting on myself and my abilities once again in regards to coping and parenting. Within the hours of a day I cannot fathom how many emotions a person can roller coaster through !

I am going to try and practise daily, the art of the 'arts' ! 'Affirming, Releasing, Trusting and Surrendering' and see if this will help me ride through an overwhelming day with more ease.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

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Getting back on track

Was strongly guided at 5am to do the 'master cleanse' today (3rd time for me) and get back on track in releasing the old habbits, patterns and behavious that have been creeping back into my life for all sorts of reasonings. I now ask the universe to support this 10 day process in releasing all addictions and co-dependencies breathing back into my life optimum health, radiance, energy and self-love.

Will keep you posted ~ I feel strong and determined to achieve this and know this is necessary to support my ultimate journey and purpose.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Domestic Volcanoes

Another day in the life of exploding domestic volcanoes ! This morning the girls have got into 2 containers of tissue salts and eaten them like lollies, drawn all over the lounge with pink pen and tipped juice all over the lounge, floor and books. It is in these moments that I question my domestic capabilities and whether or not I should have gone to a 'domestic training school' as I struggle in keeping up with this area of my life of which in turn impacts all areas of my life, self esteem, how I parent and how frustrated I get.

I have no idea whether or not going on the road and living in a tent will change how much this controls my life but I am praying it does as I know this area alone will drastically reduce my stress.

It is now midday, Summer-Rain has had a sleep and mama some time out so we are back on a happy track and will all domestically 'attempt' some cleaning and sorting together so we can be treated with an afternoon campervan adventure.

Support and Gratitude for Geoff and Bess

I am so grateful and feel very blessed to have been acknowledged, congratulated and supported on my journey by Geoff and Bess from the 'The Life Change Experiment'. It was such an exciting moment of discovery when I was guided to their website and felt so aligned with their entire journey as I was beginning mine ! I soooooo want my teeny 'Toyota Hiace') compared to the winnebago ! lols !) on a road towing a camper trailer tent and going over a hill for my video series as well ~ LOVE IT !

Thank-You for your amazing leaps of faith and trust and facing an unbelievable amount of fear that is connected to really letting go and being such an inspirational guiding light for our journey X


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Transparent moments of truth

Something I committed to during this process !

I am sitting here, kind of feeling like I need some kind of support, help, guidelines, communication, anything ~ however, the reality is that most other people are overwhelmingly just as busy, nor have the energy or time to give it when you feel sometimes you really need it most. So..... where does that leave the 'little world' of mine that I am at least in ? Pretty much on my own and assessing my own reality of what it is I truly want !

An interesting realisation for me (the day after writing this) is in light of what I had been 'trying' to practise from the previous post 'less communication' ~ and once again I have to reflect on how unbelievably the universe supports what you put out there ! 

I guess, the reality of my purpose and journey is to make a change that will reflect a different dynamic for both me and my daughters in living in the world of today.

I truly hope from this journey I can connect a sense of what is 'truer' to be 'really' living in this incredilble world of wondersous souls that wish to connect, for the 'higher good' of the planet and 'ourselves'.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Yesterday was a good day and today I practise something new !

The sudocream day turned out to be a good news day for both Genaveve and myself. Genaveve does not need to have a surgery (tonsils out) I was stressing about ~ yay ! A surgery that I need to have that was on a 12mth waiting list (Cholesteatoma) is being pushed up so it can happen before we go around Australia ~ Thanks to my amazing ENT. So Genaveve and I have swapped surgeries and this for me is a 'good day'. Thank-You angels and the universe.

Today and beyond I have been guided to not be the communicator and the one who keeps in contact with all my friends and family. It will be very interesting to see how long actually goes by before anyone calls as I am the one who usually and naturally just keeps everyone posted, updated and connected to our lives.  I also feel it will be supportive for me to focus on what needs to be done with fewer distractions. It will also be an important process for the trip ahead as the chatting, catching up, pat or cry on the shoulder types of chats will be considerably reduced as we explore, meet new people and change the way we want to live. It is another way of letting go of co-dependency for me.

Will keep you posted on this.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh No ! Does it ever end .....

I do not know if I am going to get the chance to even get out of here ! My beautiful and creative artist, Miss 2, has decided to paint herself and the 'big plush lounge' (that I mentioned in another post of which that time had been pee peed on) with a whole tub of sudocream (zinc cream) Grrrrrr ~ I 'was' trying to sell this lounge. I am breathing, breathing, breathing and trusting, trusting, trusting !

Progress towards 6week challenge is seriously at a stand still with no washing machine and a house that is like a graffitied Mt Everest ! BUT, I still do trust .....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Little progress

Coming from the bathroom where I have just discovered my meditatively quite 2yr old tactiley squeezing the contents of an entire tube of toothpaste into a cup and creatively painting herself and the bathroom surfaces, along with 'the border' who has made no attempt at packing anything 5 weeks after I have given him notice ~ truly tests the capacity for remaining present to 'trust' and 'divine order' . As I walk around and over growing mountains of 'stuff' in the home,  I'm sure mountains don't grow at this pace, I can only send a wish out to the universe and the divine powers that be, to please find another place for 'the border' to release the space in my double garage so I can truly begin the 'active' process of sorting and clearing.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The 6week challenge

Can I realistically begin our travel journey experiment in 6weeks ? This is what I will need to accomplish to make this happen:

1) Get a border out to clear energy and space
2) Have Genaveves tonsils assessed by ENT and maybe taken out
3) Get a new washing machine from company under which it is still in warranty
4)   Sort through my entire life (scariest is paperwork) ~ categorizing into what we need to take, what we really need to keep to store, and what to sell or giveaway
5) Advertise and conduct a garage sale
4) Find a storage shed '3x3', good price, not an easy feat and a way to move items there
6) Sort all my mothers stuff that I am storing whilst she is in rehab, sell what she does not want and store the rest with mine
7) Find extra money to repair all van needs, alternator, leaking tailgate, rust etc
8) Find the money for a trailer, camper trailer tent preferable best option
9) Repair and nurture back yard from an attempted garden, swimming pool imprint and a mountain of items just hanging out there alone
10)  Clean, scrub, shine and repair all rental housing needs for inspection
11) Get my blog out into the world and my process further universally supported

HA ! There you have it and I am positive I have missed other things that will need to be done.

6weeks from today = the 30th April, 2010. 

Monday, March 15, 2010


Today I am practising 'action' minus the 're-action' and boy does the universe like to challenge you when you make personal comittments of growth.

There has been extra wee wees on big plush lounge (that I need to sell) and floor, unbelievable creations of mess and a washing machine that is still in warranty but now into it's 2nd week of disrepair ! Ha ~ can only laugh and assess my percentage of action - reaction, I am at about 75% not tooooo bad, and keeping me very aware !

Friday, March 12, 2010

"Arrrr" ~ reminders of 'WHY', I am doing this !

"Everywhere I go, there is a mess in tow" This sentence was coming out as a song as I was trying to describe this entry. Since making the tentative decision to really do this there have been confirmative signs all over the place.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do wishes come true ?

We are now back in Mullumbimby on Jan 18th after leaving on our very fun but tiring journey on Dec 27th. The next day I have no idea how I have even managed to come across a 'Toyota Hiace' campervan with the almost perfect layout on 'ebay' that would be needed for a trip around Australia with 2 small children (must be the wish list taking it's action). From seeing only a picture of this vehicle on Jan 19th, I was then driving it home, once again having no idea how the money even manifested in time, from Queensland on Feb 3, trusting 100% in the universe on this.

In comparing the van to the wish created only 2 weeks prior: Whilst it is not 'near new' ( 95), nor a 7 seater, it is, a 5-6 seater, has a comfy bed, good storage, easy to drive, economical and in 'ok' condition for the price and my financial position of being able to even buy this so fast. Trusting in the universe providing the direction and the vehicle in which to go !

Sunday, January 17, 2010

5 Wishes in a Year (2010)

'5 Wishes in a Year' listed on January 16 , 2010:

1) 'Spiritual healing, advancement, alignment, connection and Joy'

2) A 'near new' 7 seater campervan with good storage, in great condition, easy 2 drive, comfy bed and economical. Or, an extremely easy to tow caravan with a 4wd drive vehicle. OR, a beautiful new cosy home in a rural setting with trees, shade, garden, lots of nature, internet, safe, somewhere to create and heal. Trust in universes decision with this on whatever I am meant to be doing. I know the universe already knows !

3) To create, produce, establish tools, resources, networks, connections and support for my souls purpose to align alongside a financial universal flow.

4) A beautiful non-judgmental loving man for me and my girls. An intelligent, spontaneous, affectionate, joyful, fun, humorous, financially stress-free, IT wiz, spiritual, healthy, wise, accepting, understanding, compassionate, heart to heart vibrative man who loves to cook and be outdoors.

5) A way to help shine a light for all children on the planet.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The signs to finally initiate change

I have had guidance to travel around Australia since my husband left me with our 6mth old and just turned 3yr old in August of 2008 to live near his mother and with his girlfriend in Hawaii, woohoo lucky me ! It has been a challenging and self strengthening time ever since. I have been doing research and holding the intention that the trip would transpire when it was meant to.
It is now January 2010 and the universal signs are clearly telling me it is time. The girls, who are now, 4 and 2, Genaveve and Summer-Rain, and I did our 1st longer term experimental travel journey together over Xmas this year (3+weeks) having no idea where is was actually leading us ! We left in the 'Daewoo' station wagon (at least we had air con) literally packed to the roof to do the 'Peats Ridge' 4-day music festival to test our new studio style 8 man oztent for the 2nd time.