Welcome to our life change journey

Hi ! Let us introduce oursleves ~ Donna 'mama', Genaveve 4, and Summer-Rain 2, 'Dovein'. This is the story of our lives and where it is taking us now. The 'now' (the change) is what is exciting and limitless in possibilities.
The purpose of this journey and the reasons why it is transpiring, I believe, will be aligned with many other people who may often feel like, just, 'surviving' another day in the chaos of the world rather than 'inspirationally' living it.
Experiment ~ Living in a 3 bedroom rental home @ $380 per week with too much stuff, a back yard without shade and lawns to mow, domestics galore and bills I cannot keep up with, VS; Travelling around 'Australia' in a 'Toyota Hiace Commuter Van', (fitted as a campervan), a wished for, sponsored, 'Camper Trailer' (DONE~ Ok, not sponsored but universally provided at a great price) , and our lives consolidated into several 15 litre containers !
Leave Date: August 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do wishes come true ?

We are now back in Mullumbimby on Jan 18th after leaving on our very fun but tiring journey on Dec 27th. The next day I have no idea how I have even managed to come across a 'Toyota Hiace' campervan with the almost perfect layout on 'ebay' that would be needed for a trip around Australia with 2 small children (must be the wish list taking it's action). From seeing only a picture of this vehicle on Jan 19th, I was then driving it home, once again having no idea how the money even manifested in time, from Queensland on Feb 3, trusting 100% in the universe on this.

In comparing the van to the wish created only 2 weeks prior: Whilst it is not 'near new' ( 95), nor a 7 seater, it is, a 5-6 seater, has a comfy bed, good storage, easy to drive, economical and in 'ok' condition for the price and my financial position of being able to even buy this so fast. Trusting in the universe providing the direction and the vehicle in which to go !