Welcome to our life change journey

Hi ! Let us introduce oursleves ~ Donna 'mama', Genaveve 4, and Summer-Rain 2, 'Dovein'. This is the story of our lives and where it is taking us now. The 'now' (the change) is what is exciting and limitless in possibilities.
The purpose of this journey and the reasons why it is transpiring, I believe, will be aligned with many other people who may often feel like, just, 'surviving' another day in the chaos of the world rather than 'inspirationally' living it.
Experiment ~ Living in a 3 bedroom rental home @ $380 per week with too much stuff, a back yard without shade and lawns to mow, domestics galore and bills I cannot keep up with, VS; Travelling around 'Australia' in a 'Toyota Hiace Commuter Van', (fitted as a campervan), a wished for, sponsored, 'Camper Trailer' (DONE~ Ok, not sponsored but universally provided at a great price) , and our lives consolidated into several 15 litre containers !
Leave Date: August 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Really Dematerialing !

Wow ~ the universe truly does rock and roll with you when you live a commitment. I am down to only needing to sell the white goods and a few bits and pieces that I am happy to donate. I need to manifest  storage space for our personal plastic containers and a few small pieces of furniture ~ yay ! Selling a 'big' chunk of my stuff to my brother and sister and their combined 11 children at a great price for them feels amazing to help them out and know all my nieces and nephews will have a lovely 'huge' comfy lounge to sit on, new drawers, big T.V etc,  upgrading their material lives whilst we dematerialise almost completely !

I am looking so forward to comparitively living this 2nd life style and documenting changes, challenges, creative commitments, promised play and what the truth of freedom really feels like. I am looking for the journey that will contribute to me being the best parent I can be for all the right reasons and reviewng why I felt I could not be entangled in the materialistic, scheduled normal home rental home environment we all mosty live in.

Stay tuned for our current lists of living and how these will compare to living as we travel and connect with others on the road:

What items we use the most
What foods we eat
How the girls imaginitively play
What toys the play with
Who our people connections are
How I play/interact with the girls
How I develop/nurture myself
What creative outlets I have
How much energy is spent on cleaning
Costs of living
What creates my stress
The qulaity of our time spent together
What stresses the girls out most
etc etc etc

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting Closer

The perfect 'Camper Trailer' manifested ~ a 'Trek Kudu' with a lockable lid, tailgate kitchen, water tank, pull out canvas tent and dolphins swimming on each side ! Multiple projects currently underway like tributaries making their way towards each other with gathering speed to connect and flow down the main river in unison and harmony.  The making of the awning for the van, the mini roof rack for the camper trailer, the paintwork for the van, the materials for the building of creative storage solutions (Thanking my brother 'Aaron' for his skill here)  the decision to detach from the majority of our belongings and the true confrontations of 'why' I am doing this !

So much personal stuff I am still working through and have no idea if I am suppose to be working through it all now, part of it now or if it is apart of the journeys purpose ? Can only keep reminding myself that being present to each moment will ensure all the answers I need.

I am looking very forward to creating a running record of 'how' we are currently living ~ what upsets me, stresses me and takes me away from being present, what upsets the girls, what makes them happy, how do they use their imagination and what toys do they play with the most.

Feeling very strongly about leaving in August sometime still.

So, here is the 'love dove' van and the 'dolphin rider' trailer ~ we look foward to meeting and connecting with many people on our journey and I look forward to writing my books, articles, my travel website and the development of this blog.