Welcome to our life change journey

Hi ! Let us introduce oursleves ~ Donna 'mama', Genaveve 4, and Summer-Rain 2, 'Dovein'. This is the story of our lives and where it is taking us now. The 'now' (the change) is what is exciting and limitless in possibilities.
The purpose of this journey and the reasons why it is transpiring, I believe, will be aligned with many other people who may often feel like, just, 'surviving' another day in the chaos of the world rather than 'inspirationally' living it.
Experiment ~ Living in a 3 bedroom rental home @ $380 per week with too much stuff, a back yard without shade and lawns to mow, domestics galore and bills I cannot keep up with, VS; Travelling around 'Australia' in a 'Toyota Hiace Commuter Van', (fitted as a campervan), a wished for, sponsored, 'Camper Trailer' (DONE~ Ok, not sponsored but universally provided at a great price) , and our lives consolidated into several 15 litre containers !
Leave Date: August 2010

Life Study Notes

Is it easier, less stressful, more joyful, healthier, more aligned with spirituality and true personal growth to be free from an overwhelming pile of responsibilities with minimal support as a parent of a 2 & 4 year old ?

I have commited to being completely transparent and honest with myself during this whole process so that it can produce the truest results and support the integrity of changing my life for my children and I.

Life Comparative Study Notes:

Areas of comparison: (between 'stable and free')
I am going to refer to the comparative areas throughout the study as 'Stable Living' (in a house committed to schedules/routines, ongoing bills, domestics and permanency with most things) and 'Free Living' (in a campervan with flexible scheduling, minimal domestics and expectations from people and society and a financial commitment that is more shaped by almost exactly what you do from day to day)

Current status of 'stable living': ( Notes from March-May)  
March 08
My husband left me when my youngest Summer-Rain was 6mths old and Genaveve had just turned 3, so still very much in the toddler taming age ! Mind you, stuff has been brewing way beyond this but this was a difficult catalyst for change, I guess any catalyst to change is difficult and when you are faced with the difficulties, it normally = 'make a change'.

I guess if I assess this honestly, it is the emotional state of being that has been the driving force to embarking on this life change journey. I feel like I am in a rut of survival and anger almost everyday and the effect of this on my self-esteem, well-being, parenting and future potential has thankfully driven me in this direction to make a very big life changing 'change'. At present I am one 'big mean yelling machine' often throughout the day. The 'yelling machine' then becomes a 'low-self esteemed guilty  wilting flower' at night when I cuddle and connect to the girls via our higher beings as they are sleeping. It is here I apologise and promise that I will become a better, more patient, more compassionate and present mummy. 

Having done nearly every possible spiritual development training you could think of ~ 'Landmark Forum', 'Tony Robbins', 'Kundalini Yoga', 'Carolyn Myss', and the list goes on..... I have always had high expectations of myself and always felt like I had moved through / shifted so much of the stuff that blocks freedom, wealth, health, happiness, love, spiritual growth etc, however, no matter what, I was still being faced with the feeling of mountains to continuosly climb to get anywhere ? I have always felt a need to be co-dependent on peoples opinions, advice and feedback, not mention the co-dependencies of 'letting your hair down' over a few drinks with friends to commiserate life or react to circumstances that feel out of your control. These are particular areas that I feel I need to recreate in a healthier and more natural state of 'being' rather than dependencies of my life and decisions. The recreation can only come from me and not the thousands of dollars you put into self development courses and the hope of other people.

March 21
Last week I went to an evening that was advertised as a community group gathering of love and support and was devastated to find out it was a promotional evening for a $3,000 course basically to learn to 'love yourself' in a supportive, non-judgmental and safe environment. So out of reach for so many people to gain this support via this route ! My step sister is a single mother of 7 at only 31 and would so benefit from a group like this but struggles with her food bill every week ! Thank-You to all the spiritual gurus out there traveling around to make this world more loving and connected ! It is like an elite group  creating divide in the areas of life that we are all entitled to ?

Since buying the camper and going off on day adventures etc I have seen a change in all of us, we are happy, excited and more present as soon as we leave the house and enter the van ~ the yelling just about disappears and our energies are more intune with 'mother earth'. The permanency of leaving the 'stable life' environment to live much closer to mother earth and the concept of 'freedom' is brewing within me like an eagle preparing to take flight for the first time over the world.

May 09
Ongoing list of most used items / eaten foods / played with toys in the stable environment:
Saucepan steamer
Washing machine
DVD player
Childrens table and chairs
Vita Mixa
Clay pot water filter

Rice Milk
Rice and Corn Pasta
Weet Bix

Drawing / Cutting
Bikes and Scooters
Mini Dolls